BEN Reading Group

The Beijing Energy Network organizes a monthly reading group to allow BEN members to dive deeper into energy and environment topics addressed at BEN Events.  Here’s how it works:

  • Each month, BEN’s coordinators select a reading related to China’s energy and environment (a report, an article, a short book, etc).
  • Anyone interested in the reading can signup for that month’s BEN Reading Group; and you’ll have a couple of weeks to complete the reading
  • The reading group will meet in small groups (6-8 people) to discuss the reading.  If possible, BEN will invite someone from the author-organization to also attend the discussion.
  • Discussion will last around an hour and a half; and attendees are free to leave earlier (or later) as they wish.

There will be two Reading Groups on the same day, one for readings in English and another for readings in Mandarin.

Check the events list below for details on the next BEN Reading Group!