Past Events 2013

The event title will link to the speaker’s slideshow if it is available.

David Hathaway from ICF David Hathaway- Vice President and Managing Director, ICF China.


“Achievable Energy Conservation in China and Beyond” David Hathaway– Vice President and Managing Director, ICF China. December 18, 2013, QMex

“Red Oceans: Environment and Energy Dynamics of the South China Sea Disputes” Sophie Lu– Fulbright Research Fellow. December 11, 2013, Abella

Pollution and Politics in the People’s Republic of China: Big Oil, Big Auto, and the Battle for Beijing’s Blue SkiesVance Wagner, Program Co-Lead & Senior Researcher at the International Council on Clean Transportation. December 4 2013, Abella

Promoting Industrial Water Efficiency in ChinaNavneet Chadha, Principal Operations Officer- International Finance Corporation (IFC). November 13 2013, Abella

Recharging China’s Electric Vehicle Policy” WANG Tao, Resident Scholar/Carnegie-Tsinghua Center for Global Policy. October 30, 2013, Abella

“Cycling, Cities, and Safety: Incompatible or Inevitable?” Philippe Crist– Economist & Administrator at the International Transport Forum (ITF), OECD. October 18, 2013, SERK

“CCS Prospects and Challenges” Craig Hart, ENN Associate Professor, School of Environment and Natural Resources, Renmin University. September 18, 2013, Abella

Energy Subsidies: Size, Impacts and Overcoming Challenges to Reform” Richard Bridle- Project Researcher, IISD & Chris Beaton– Research & Communications Officer, IISD. September 11, 2013, Abella

“Thirsty Coal: China’s Energy-Water Crisis in the Yellow River Basin” Iris Cheung & Deng Ping, Greenpeace China. August 28, 2013, Abella

BEER Labs: DIY Filter” Thomas Talhelm- Fulbright scholar. August 18 & 19, October 17 & 20 2013

“What do Chinese Manufacturers Think About Environmental Protection? (and how does it affect their actions?)” Steven Zhang, ‘12-’13 Fulbright Fellow, Zhejiang University. August 14, 2013, Abella

“China Water-Energy Nexus” Jennifer Turner- Director, China Environment Forum, Woodrow Wilson Center
Keith Schneider- Senior Editor, Circle of Blue
Jia Shaofeng- Deputy Director of the Center for Water Resources Research at the Chinese Academy of Sciences. August 07, 2013, Abella

“Beijing Cleanweb Hackathon” July 27-28, 2013, Microsoft H1h2

“Sulphur Dioxide Emission Reduction in Shanxi Province: A Case Study” Sophia Chen, Fulbright Scholar. July 17, 2013, Abella

“Power, Pollution and the People: A Case Study” Adam Moser, Assistant Director- US-China Partnership for Environmental Law, Vermont Law School. July 3, 2013, Abella

“Weibo and Pollution” Aynne Kokas- Rice Scholar, Chinese Media Studies, Baker Institute for Public Policy, Rice University. June 26, 2013, Abella
“What Xi’s China Dream and Li’s “New Four Modernizations” Mean for Smart Agritech” Manuela Zoninsein, CEO/Founder- Smart Agriculture Analytics (SAA). June 19, 2013, Havana Club

“Green Innovation in China: China’s Wind Power Industry and the Global Transition to a Low-Carbon Economy” Joanna Lewis, PhD, Assistant Professor of Science, Technology and International Affairs Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University. June 5, 2013, Abella DSC06283


BEER Labs: DIY Desktop Aquaponics Workshop” Tim Quijano. May 25, 2013, 小萍 (XP).

“Great acts are made up of small deeds: crowdfunding sustainable development in China” Aimee Gotway Bailey, PhD, Henry Luce Scholar at the Global Environmental Institute. May 22, 2013, Abella



“Open Environmental Information – From Bottleneck to Breakthrough”
  Ma Jun. Director, Institute of Public & Environmental Affairs
April 10, 2013, Talking Point



Aqueduct – Global Water Risk Mapping” Tien Shiao, Senior Associate, World Resources Institute (WRI). April 3, 2013, Abella
“Green Growth in Western China: Strategy and Policies for the Region” Robyn Kruk, China Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Development Taskforce Co-chair. March 7, 2013, Abella

“Means, Motive & Opportunity: Explaining Cross-Provincial Variation in Industrial Efficiency” Tucker Van Aken, Fulbright Scholar. February 27, 2013, Abella

“Panel Discussion: Doha Climate Conference and Prospects of Climate Talks” January 30, 2013, The Bookworm

DOHA Panel @ the BookwormGAO Feng- Legal Advisor, Treaty and Law Department, Foreign Ministry
Heidi Hiltunen- Environmental Counsellor, EU Delegation
Goerild Heggelund- Senior Climate Change Advisor, UNDP
Dr. YANG Fuqiang- Senior Climate Change Advisor, NRDC China office



Bicycle Culture 2.0 in China 中国自行车的文化2.0 Shannon Bufton, Urban designer / Founder of ‘Smarter than Car.’ January 23, 2013, SERK